The Perfect Planner- Advice From a Planner Addict

Things can get extremely hectic and chaotic in life, but luckily there’s a simple solution that can keep all the mess organized!

This simple solution will enable you to start living much more productively. It will help you design the life you’ve always wanted, personally improve and grow as an individual, and become a better friend, family member, and employee. 

I’d like to introduce you to this simple solution/to this magical little thing often called a “planner.” It could also be called a Get-Your-Life-Together Book, Stop Procrastinating Book, or The Book That Drastically Improves Happiness and Decreases Stress. This planner concept is so magical that you can even document your events, thoughts, goals,  family members birthdays, and daily schedules in it. But you’ve got to take action and really use your planner in order to feel the magic of it!

Who would want to run around in a mess of stress when you can organize your stress and therefore decrease it?

Improving your life and decreasing your stress starts with finding the right planner for you! Not all planners are created equal.

Being the planner addict that I am, I’ve bought copious amounts of planners and also done extensive research on which planners are most beneficial for increasing productivity, time management, goal setting, and daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly scheduling.

Although I’ve found a few that I really like (I’ll let you know about these other ones as well) I’ve definitely found what I consider to be “the perfect planner.”


You may have heard of the Day Designer planner before. They’re known for their focus on intentional living and practical scheduling benefits. I’ve tried several of their planners and although I’ve liked their general design and layout, I’ve found most of them to be bulky and far too expensive. I had actually given up hope on making a Day Designer® work for me until I found this wonderful planner created by Day Designer® for Blue Sky®. I stumbled upon this beauty at Target. It was the very last one left so I’m glad I snatched it up when I did. There are tons of other Day Designer® planners sold by Blue Sky®, but this one is by far my favorite in design, layout, and practicality.

Here’s what I love about it:

  • The first few pages of this planner are primarily aimed at helping you discover and write down your life direction and goals. There’s also a page that guides you in designing your days so that you can be the most productive happy version of yourself each day. It gives suggestions for some habits that increase happiness and productivity and of course has space for you to write in your own.
  • The design and layouts are clean and crisp. They aren’t chaotic or messy and there’s nothing in the layout that will distract you from your ultimate goals- to stay on top of things, progress, and decrease your stress levels.
  • In almost every other Day Designer for Blue Sky that I’ve seen, the lines on each page are a lot skinnier. A planner with small lines look messier and is more difficult to write in which defeats the purpose of your planner. This may be a personal preference, but the width of this planners lines makes it look and feel more clean and practical.
  • The monthly tabs on the right hand side are convenient and don’t poke out too far.
  • Each day has a “Top Three” to-do-list for you to fill out and check off. I think this is absolutely remarkable because all too often people have an unrealistically long to-do-list for each day. They don’t end up getting anything done because they don’t prioritize which things on the list are most important and they end up getting overwhelmed. Having three goals to focus on each day is much more realistic.
  • Each individual day has schedule for the day with a line for each hour. I didn’t necessarily like this when I first saw it but it’s actually very convenient. And if you don’t want to stick to writing events and appointments on the exact hour, you can just put it anywhere in that, “Today’s Schedule” space. The hours are written in a light font so you can choose to follow them or ignore them.
  • Each individual day also has a boxed section without lines titled, “Tonight.” I like using this area for writing my plans for the night, more things I want to get done, what I’m grateful for, and for reflecting on my emotional health for the day.
  • There are “Note” pages in the back that are especially convenient for keeping track of your weight, steps, emotional health, meal planning, calorie intake, and other goals you’d like to keep track of. It’s empowering to have everything in the same place-all bundled up into one planner that’s main purpose is to help you improve your life.



Stickers and sticky notes will greatly enhance your planning process- and they add some color, cuteness, and creativity to your planner.

I found those adorable sticky note pads in that dollar section at the front of Target. I’ve loved using the “To-Do” list sticky pad to write down any extra tasks I need to complete that don’t fit in the “Today’s Top Three” part of my planner, though I always make sure that my main focus is on those top three.

I use the calendar sticky notes as habit trackers. You can draw stars or put small stickers on the days that you complete a certain habit (example: I’ve set a goal to exercise at least 15 minutes a day- I draw a star on the days that I complete that goal- this helps me get a general idea of how well I’m doing with my goals).

These planner stickers are my favorite. There are various sets for different occasions (school pack, season pack, teacher pack) and they’re all great! I love this planner basics pack that’s chock full of stylish and helpful weight tracking, holiday, meal planning, and hydratation tracking stickers (and so many more!) that will help you stay on top of things and achieve your goals.



Read 30 Achievable Goals That Will Bring You Balance & Bliss and 5 Easy-To-Start Habits That Will Bring You True Happiness for more ideas to help you improve your life!

Until next time,

Coral Allen

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